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Welcome to Emanuel Foundation

Emanuel Foundation was started in the UK by Tony & Christine Patching after visiting Bolivia in May 2013. Fundacion Emanuel was founded in Cochabamba, Bolivia, South America, in March 2007 by individuals who wanted to volunteer to financially support, help and turn around the lives of boys and girls who find themselves in ‘high risk’ situations in the red light district of the city of Cochabamba. The founder, Goretty Jora set the project up in her own home and has been extending it since 2007 to facilitate the work of the Foundation.

We continue to support Goretty and the children through UK fundraising.

The Emanuel Foundation Story

Emanuel lies deep within the ‘red light’ district of Cochabamba which is the poorest and most dangerous area of the city.

Goretty and her team totally trust in God to provide for them, which is very necessary as they survive on around £800.00 - £1200.00 per month and they never know from month to month how much money will come in.

Their meagre budget is strictly controlled by a qualified volunteer book keeper, so not a boliviano is ever wasted. However, behind the smiles & laughter of the children along with their obvious love and care for each other, lies the reality that the majority of the 40+ children can suffer every day, beaten regularly by their mothers using fists, sticks or rocks.


Your help can make a big difference


The foundation desperately needs more funding to continue extending the project.

What Our Fundraising Provides


Many of the children don't have a home to go to.

Emanuel Foundation provides a safe and secure family environment for these vulnerable children.


Emanuel Foundation is now able to provide a structured education for all the children, thanks to the generous donations we continue to receive and the kind volunteers giving their time.


The main aim is to provide care for the children at Emanuel Foundation. Whether it be medical care or just a friendly hug and someone to be with. Many have never had that before.


Above all, the team at Emanuel Foundation work tirelessly, with never ending passion, to ensure the children are as happy as possible and confident for the future ahead of them.


Antonio & Maria

Are brother & sister and are the most vulnerable children at Emanuel.
They are at risk of being sexually abused, starved & vulnerable to human trafficking.

Antonio suffers a lot & has no hope.

Supported by many individuals in Cochobamba and abroad, the objectives of the Foundation include fighting against paedophiles, to fight child prostitution and against the assumption that children of prostitutes inherit this way of life, to improve the quality of life of these children, and to instil good social skills and moral values.

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We are always on the lookout for people who want to get involved. Whether it be volunteering, fundraising or even becoming a trustee, please, join us today.


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We rely solely on the donations of kind people like you. Please give what you can so we can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of these children.


Thank you in advance

Emanuel Foundation programme offers hope to these children by providing them with nutritional & academic support, teaching them skills, their rights & obligations, responsibility, but most importantly – the opportunity to know God.