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There are always many things we are trying to help the foundation in Bolivia achieve, from ensuring the children have a suitable supply of nutrition and educational tools through to the need for a new bus for transporting the ever growing amount of children (which we managed to achieve in 2017!) and, most recently, finding the funding to extend the building by an additional floor above to provide the space needed for more and more vulnerable children that find their way to Emanuel Foundation.

Day to day costs are always increasing, albeit gradually, and your generous help does, and will, ensure this amazing charity can continue to provide the safety and solace these children so desperately need.

Current Projects

Extending the Building

Due to the ever increasing amount of children Emanuel Foundation needs to house and support, we have now extended the existing two story building by adding an additional floor. This has allowed us to provide a space to accommodate 14 of the most vulnerable children with comfortable bedrooms and new shower facilities, as well as providing much needed additional office space. A generous donation from the UK has now enabled solar panels to be installed which provides hot water for the project.

Although this may seem like an extreme method of increasing the space, this is a far cheaper option in Bolivia than relocating to another larger building. Goretty has looked at other premises for the Foundation, yet all affordable premises so far have been out of the city and this means they would no longer be located in the area where the children are at their most vulnerable.


As you can see from the images below, despite the additional space we would like to be able to provide the funding to expand further…


£12,000 of £56,000 raised


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Furniture for Classrooms, Bedrooms & Dining Room

With Emanuel Foundation receiving more children every week, there is a constant need for more furniture to enable them to furnish classrooms with more seats, tables and educational materials such as computers, books, art materials and musical instruments, more beds and bedding to give the children somewhere to sleep in comfort, and more tables, chairs and tableware to enable them to seat and feed all of the children at once – something which is so important as their culture is to eat and pray together.

Your donations in the past have enabled us to help provide these things as more children arrive. The situation now though is desperate, with a significant increase of children over the last year – hence the need to extend the property –
and we really need your help to ensure all of the children at Emanuel get the chance they deserve to have a normal life.


We have helped supply what’s needed, yet we now need your help more than ever…


£825 of £2,800 raised


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Ongoing Running Costs

The day to day running costs for Emanuel Foundation increase month by month, year on year – it’s unavoidable with more and more children needing help.

Unlike the UK and other developed countries, this organisation cannot apply for grants, loans and funding from the local authorities, they rely entirely on the money & time donated by those that want to help. Historically, to date, the donations they have received come from the UK & USA and are very rarely large enough to make a significant impact in a short period of time. We hope to change that by increasing support from the UK and we are determined to raise enough money to, at a minimum, cover their running costs each year.

At present, their annual running costs are around £12,000. We helped to raise between 1/3 and 2/3 of that in 2016 & 2017 thanks to our generous supporters here in the UK.
We also contributed £18,000 of the £20,000 needed that enabled them to purchase their new bus in 2017! Something we’re extremely proud of!!!


Your donations, no matter how small, can keep these children safe, clean, fed, comfortable, educated and, most importantly, happy in a caring environment like no other…


£1,865 of £17,500 raised


If you’d rather make a general donation to the charity, not just this project, please click here.




Her mum is a working prostitute & Miriam is exposed to the worst of situations. She has 3 sisters in prostitution.

Her mother often makes her work when she’s short of money.

Recently one of her brothers was stabbed working in a brothel looking after prostitutes.


Emanuel Foundation programme offers hope to these children by providing them with nutritional & academic support, teaching them skills, their rights & obligations, responsibility, but most importantly – the opportunity to know God.