Supporting the children of Bolivia

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“If we succeed in removing even one of these children from the prostitution networks, we have succeeded.”

Project 1 - Transportation.

This is Goretty’s car, a Toyota Crown, a mere 30 years-old!
She often transports 17 children at a time - the Health & Safety Executive in Cochabamba is yet to be born!

We would like to help by providing something like the images below. After some research, it was calculated that a good second-hand minibus (called a ‘Micro’ in Cochabamba) would cost around £25,000.

Her mum is a working prostitute & Miriam is exposed to the worst of situations. She has 3 sisters in prostitution. Her mother often makes her work when she’s short of money. Recently one of her brothers was stabbed working in a brothel looking after prostitutes.

He tries to be a good boy for his grandmother who constantly hits him. His relatives steal and sell leftover drugs in the neighbourhood and his mum was jailed and sent to Spain as a consequence.

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Project 2 - Self-financing/self-sufficiency.

With financial support for the project being irregular, it was Goretty’s suggestion that the project seeks ways of becoming self-financing, at least to some extent.  As three of the older girls are attending a hairdressing course, it was decided to look for finance to start a hairdressing salon as no-one in the red light district has opened one yet.  Rental of premises would be the highest cost, but equipment and supplies of hair products would be low.

Emanuel Foundation programme offers hope to these children by providing them with nutritional & academic support, teaching them skills, their rights & obligations, responsibility, but most importantly – the opportunity to know God.